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Department of Metrology and Information Measuring Technologies


Сlass times

4. Сonsultations with teachers

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
prof. Valeriy I. Korsun IV л, 1/98
prof. O. I. Mikhalyov IIІ л, ч., 1/98
prof. Viktor S. Khilov II л, 1/98
doc. Volodimir T. Belan II л, ч., 1/98
doc. Uriy M. Bilichenko IIІ л, 1/97
doc. Nataliya V.Gluhova II л, 1/131
doc. Vasil G. Tarasenko IV л, 1/97
doc. Nataliya S. Dreshpak
as. Stanislav I. Cherniy V л, 1/98 ІV л, 1/98 III л, 1/98
as. Oksana U. Dolga VІІІ л, 1/97
as. Volodimir V. Kiyko ІІІ л, ч., 1/97 IV л,ч., 1/97
as. Irina V. Kovalenko IV л, 1/97
as. Pavlo U. Krasovskiy IV л, 1/98; VІ л, 1/95

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