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Department of Metrology and Information Measuring Technologies



Today the department prepares bachelors in 6.051001 - "Metrology and Information-Measuring Technologies," specialists and masters from the 7 (8) 6.05100101 - "Metrology and Measuring Equipment".


The department read disciplines for students of the Institute of Electric Power, Exploration department and the Institute of Extramural and Distance Learning.


The educational process at the department provides by 3 Doctors of Technical Sciences, professors; 5 Ph.D., associate professors; 1 senior lecturer; 5 assistants. Total staff of the department is 20 employs.

There are modern teaching and research laboratories at the department: "Electrics and electronics", "Electronic measurement instruments", "Electrical measurements", "Process measurement", "Information- measurement technologies and metrology" and the subject audience of S.A. Volotkovsky.


The preparation of highly qualified specialists at the department runs through doctoral, postgraduate and master's degree studies in specialties:

  • 05.13.07 - Automation of control processes;
  • 05.13.06 - Information technology;
  • 05.09.03 - Electrotechnical complexes and systems;
  • 05.01.02 - Standardization, certification and metrology providing.

About the Department
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