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Department of Metrology and Information Measuring Technologies

Benefits of studying with us!

Taking into consideration the fact that information-measuring technology, computerization, manufacturing automation and improvement bases of metrological assurance develop rapidly, the demand for professionals in the field of metrology and information-measuring technology is constantly growing.

We prepare experts who know how to:
  • work with current measuring equipments;
  • elaborate mathematical support and software;
  • create modern information measurement systems;
  • carry out metrological control, supervision and examination.

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    During the whole period of studying students gain deep knowledge on modern information and information measurement technology, electronics, metrology, standardization, certification, microprocessor and computer technology, control systems and technical diagnostics. It allows them to navigate freely in the environment and find their place in a market economy.

    In general, students gain knowledge more than 63 disciplines of basic and vocational training, humanitarian and socio-economic areas. Educational process realizes by modern teaching methods by highly experienced professors.

    During the period of studying students learn such software programs as MathCAD, MatLab, Simulink, AutoCAD, Delphi, Labview, Electronic Workbench, C + +, Assembler, Microsoft Office.

    Qualification for bachelor’s degree is provided for 4 years. After getting a bachelor’s degree, had been studying for one year and submitted research work (project), graduate gets master degree (degree of specialist).

    The graduate qualifies as: Specialist of metrology and information-measuring technology. The high level of qualification allows graduates find a job and be in demand in the labor market.

    Our students take part in scientific work, different conferences. Traditionally students of 3rd and 4th year take part in the National competitions in the field of "Metrology and Measuring Equipment" and "Metrology, standardization and certification". Each year our students become Olympic medalists, showing the high level of training. The best students take part in the international competitions National Instruments, and also place high.

    If you want to become an expert of metrology and information-measuring technology then join us!. We will help you to get quality education and implement your abilities and talent!

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