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Department of Metrology and Information Measuring Technologies

Where works our graduates?

Our graduates are experts with encyclopaedic knowledge who proved themselves as high-level professionals. That’s the reason why graduates of our department can realize their potential in professional activity.

The specialist can hold next positions:

1. Testing and equipment checkout:
  • Technologist in the field of metrology;
  • Software engineer;
  • IT specialist;
  • Specialist of the development of computer programs.
  • 2. Preparation and implementation of technological processes:
  • Specialist of production rationalization;
  • Project Management Professional of material (nonmaterial) production;
  • Specialist of technical expertise.
  • 3. Quality control and evaluation:
  • Specialist of Standardization;
  • Specialist of standardization, certification and quality;
  • Quality specialist.

  • Working area after graduation:

  • entities, development laboratory, companies that firms that develop and manufacture measuring equipment, develop mathematical support and software, create and apply modern information and information-measuring systems and technologies;
  • Metrological unit in all sectors of the state economy, in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, research institutions, institutions of the State Standard;
  • scientific establishments, industrial plants, facilities and services of transport links which use measuring equipments and methods, and other metrology methods.

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