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Valeriy I. Korsun

He was born on January 4, 1947 in Volnovaha of Donetsk region. In 1965 he graduated Volnovaha’s school № 3 with a gold medal and entered the Physics and Engineering Department of Dnipropetrovsk State University on the specialty "Automatic Control Systems". After graduating from the university in 1971 he was recommended for postgraduate studies, where he carried out doctoral research on the specialty "Theoretical Cybernetics".

In 1977 he defended his thesis on "Development and research of adaptive identification methods of facilities management" at the State Technical University in Sevastopol.

Нe has been working at the National Mining University Since 1979. Prior to that, he worked as the junior and senior researcher at the research sector of the DSU and Interuniversity Computing Center at the DSU, an assistant of automation basics Department of Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology.

Before doctoral thesis defense he worked at the National Mining University as an associate professor of Applied Mathematics and Engineering Cybernetics and Engineering Systems Control Departments.

In 1985 he worked as the head of Applied Mathematics and Engineering Cybernetics Departments, and during 1994-97 - the head of the Department of Engineering Systems Control Departments. In 1999 he defended his doctoral thesis on "Methods and systems of adaptive identification and process control using the principle of symmetry" (specialty: "Systems and Control") at the National University of Radio Electronics in Kharkiv. Since 2000 he is a professor of Systems Analysis and Management Department.

In February 2002 he headed the Department of Electrical Engineering which was renamed on the Department of Electrical Engineering and Metrology in December 2003, and in May 2007 - on the department of Metrology and Information-Measuring Technologies. On his initiative and with the active participation of the NMU in the 2003 began training specialists in "Metrology and Information-Measuring Technology", restoring partially the specialty that was closed in 1952 due to opening specialty «instruments and control systems» of Physical Engineering Faculty at the DSU.

Now he is a member of the Scientific and Methodical Commission of MES of Ukraine, and a part of the group of experts on the development of standards of higher education the direction of training that is mentioned above.

During his time at NMU V.І. Korsun led 16 economic contracts and state budgetary research works. He has been taking an active part in the preparation of the scientific-pedagogical personnel in specialty 05.13.07 - Automation and Control Processes, 05.13.06 - Information Technology, 01.05.02 - Mathematical modeling and Computational Methods, 05.01.02 - Standardization, Certification and Metrology Training .

It is a member of the academic councils for doctoral and candidate dissertations in: 01.05.02 - Mathematical Modeling and Computational Methods, 05.01.02 - Standardization, Сertification and Metrology Training. He is a member of the editorial committees of scientific works collections, which are defined as professional lists of HAC of Ukraine: "System Technology" ,"Adaptive Cruise Control" ," Collection of Scientific Papers of Odessa State Academy of Technical regulation and quality. "

Professor Valeriy Korsun is a member of the regional scientific seminar "Modern problems of complex systems control and simulation," which operates at Pridneprovsk Research Center of NAS of Ukraine.

He in an author of over 200 scientific and methodical works, including one monograph and 30 teaching development.

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